McFarland PLLC

McFarland PLLC

McFarland PLLC is a Houston-based law firm recognized as an expert in the specialization of condemnation, eminent domain, and property rights law. Abel Design Group was charged with designing an unconventional law office—both minimalist and egalitarian. All offices were designed with the same footprint and furnishings. Glass office fronts allow natural light and the downtown views to be shared by all employees.

Project Type: Corporate


Lead Designer: Kathy Chauvin

Location: Houston, Texas

The most expansive view of downtown was reserved for the break room, the most communal space in the office. Eschewing traditional guest chairs, the firm opted instead to make the desks deeper and place a lounge chair and ottoman in the corner of each office. The McFarland signature red was infused throughout the space. The resulting office is a reflection of both the McFarland brand and personality.