Hedge Fund Company / Think Tank

Hedge Fund Company / Think Tank

This Houston-based client had an architectural challenge. The unusual geometry of the core, and the architecture of the building, were incongruent with the clients’ desired initial layout. They needed a combination of open work areas, enclosed offices, and breakout spaces. Another challenge: one office needed to house different separate organizations. Instead of forcing a design on the existing geometry of the building, the new design plan embraced the unusual angles of the space.

2018 PaperCity Design Award for Commercial Design: Office, Theater, Spiritual or Public Space


Project Type: Corporate

Location: Houston, Texas

ADG broke the expected symmetry of a typical reception area with angled walls and a faceted ceiling element that directs the eye of guests and employees from the elevator lobby to a featured art piece. The space creates a continuous walkway that connects all spaces across the office, encouraging employee mobility. The break room, lounge, and library are located along the outside wall, and are exposed to natural light and views. The choice of soft seating, varied lighting levels, and natural materials, all create a residential feel that reinforces the mission of a family foundation.